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Yes, I did a friends cut yesteday.

No offense is intended; if I unfriended you it's because a) I don't feel that we have a relationship on or off LJ or b) because you don't seem to use LJ or you use it solely for a impersonal purpose (such as fandom).

If you want to ask me anything, just send me an LJ message. Again, sorry. Though, for OCD reasons, I'd appreciate it if those I removed would remove me back.
no ordinary moments

february drabble challenge poll

This is an entry for members of SPEW only. Everyone else can overlook it:

I fail at judging.

- If you vote wish to vote, please read all the drabbles (there are 9). ie, don't just read a couple and fall so in love with one that you don't stop to compare the others.

- Do not vote if you participated in this drabble challenge. I simply won't count you, and I may be slightly annoyed with you. >.>

- You may judge according to which drabble you find best written, but also please keep in mind that the challenge was to demonstrate the relationship between the character and their ideal; the response to the challenge should be an important factor in judging.

- Poll is text entry to ensure blind-voting; answers are viewable to me.

The thread is here:

Poll #1150006 February Drabble Challenge

Who wrote the winning drabble?

no ordinary moments

Friends Only

Comment to be added.

I like to keep my friends list small, for various reason, and limited to those I am fairly familiar with. So, I don't add new Friends that I haven't gotten around to talking or chatting a bit. Sorry :\

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